Limited Production Cabernet & Chardonnay

Welcome - Pellet Estate is the embodiment of a classic Cabernet Sauvignon from the world renowned St. Helena AVA in Napa Valley. Produced by Krill Family Vineyards, our estate is located at the epicenter recognized for producing some of the most famous and collectible wines in the United States.


Our estate grows high quality grapes using best agricultural practices, and produces the ultimate expression of Cabernet Sauvignon that embodies the characteristics of our historical Pellet Vineyard® and the vision of our winemaking team, in addition to small lots of Chardonnay and CabRose, and a limited single barrel of Petit Reserve that represents the best estate fruit for the year.

Our label depicts the dawn of the age of electrification, the era when pioneer winemaker Henry Alphonse Pellet illuminated the path towards modern winemaking methodology and with it, high quality and age-worthy wines. Our vineyard site has been producing grapes for over 150 years, essentially since the beginning of winemaking in Napa Valley.


Of Henry A. Pellet: “The Cellar, erected in 1866, contains samples of some of the grandest vintages ever grown in California, as will be asserted by anyone who visits Mr. Pellet and profits by his generous hospitality.”

-1891, History of California.

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The 2011 Cabernet and 2013 Chardonnay vintages are now available.

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